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Wizard Claims

...claiming the magic

Wizard Claims!
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Are you absolutely in love with a wizard or witch or magical person from your favorite movie or book or game? Well then, stake your claim here and tell everyone who you would love to put a love potion on!

Welcome to Wizard Claims! The community where you, yes you, can place your claim on the wizard you love. Anyone can join, and anyone can claim. As long as the magic continues on in the fantasy world, there will be a wizard to claim.

Before claiming though, the moderator asks you to continue reading this bio and abide by the following rules.

+ 1. If your character was played in a movie make sure you claim the character and not the actor.
+ 2. The character can be female or male, from a book, movie, tv show, or myth. From now on, you can also claim magical people from video and card games.
+ 3. Your character must be a witch or a wizard! And somewhere in the book or movie or myth it must be stated so. Mages work as well.
+ 4. Check the list to make sure no one else has claimed your character and make sure to check through the claims after the list was last updated.
+ 5. One [1] character per person unless you win a contest or you've done something to earn another character, such as making an icon or banner for the community.
+ 6. State where your character is from, use the whole title, and post in the journal not in a comment. If it's from he/she is from a book, also state the author.
+ 7. If a character has two alias' (ex: Tom Riddle aka Voldermort) then both of them can be claimed by two different people. But you must state which one you want.
+ 8. If a character is famous and shows up in Legends and several book, state which book it's in and whether or not he/she had a different name. (ex: Merlin aka Emrys)
+ 9. If you try to make a claim of two characters, your post will be ignored. Read the rules!
+ 10. No posting plugs for communities or websites without permission from the moderators. Any post that does so without persmission will be deleted from now on.

After you've read the rules, go join! The Claims list is updated fairly often, so keep checking back to make sure your claim is correct.

Do you enjoy this community? If you do, you'll probably enjoy hp_claims, a place to claim anything Harry Potter! A fun community and great place to claim!

Moderator: blackbird_xiii alliante